Ridge Road, Paremoremo

About This Project

“It’s a lovely spot” they said. It was. They had lived there for 20 years enjoying the tranquillity, Tui song, views over the valley bush and soaking up the sunlight.

But the house was, well – let’s say it was tired. And it really needed to be bigger for the family that came to stay over Christmas.

So bigger we went. And with a Christmas deadline the owners were focused on making well considered decisions and sticking with them. They endured temporary bathroom arrangements and builders turning up really early in the morning. They had to play musical rooms as construction progressed at both ends of the house and then though the middle. Well worth their effort, in the week before Christmas Eve it was finished.

What a fabulous Christmas they had that year! More space, beautiful outdoor flow to expansive decked areas, a stunning new interior – and an impressed family that came to stay over summer.