House Extensions North Shore

Extending your home is a great way to take the small family homes built in the 50’s to the 70’s and develop them into modern homes with improved light, an open plan layout and better lifestyle features.


Selling and relocating to upgrade is an expensive exercise in today’s property market; the real estate fee alone would cover the cost of a new replacement kitchen.


You don’t always need land to extend onto. Building up, developing roof space into a loft, or using a basement are all excellent options that do not increase site coverage and tap into the unused potential of your building envelope.


Using roof space for a loft development or building up from the existing building to add bedrooms and a bathroom or two, means that the ground or entry level can be better configured for living areas. Extending up is a good option if you have a brick home especially one with a concrete floor.


Building up is a potential solution to enlarging two bedroom units to make it suitable for a small family. Building a master suite is also a popular option. An ensuite and walk in wardrobe are basic expectations of new homes, so including these features in your extension will bring your property up to date with current trends.


Older homes built on steep sites often have large underfloor areas which are usually bare dirt or small storage areas. Digging out under a house and retaining the exposed hillside can give you some fantastic living spaces. Basement developments provide good separation from the original house and make it a great option if you have teens or extended family that need their own space. The exercise of just creating a large single room for future use is a good investment in your home.


Investigating the potential of your property by talking with the team at Renovation Works can give you options you may not have considered.

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You’re ready to take the first step and get started on your plans. Using the right designer is pivotal to maintaining cost and time control during construction. Poor drawings may get through council but lack the detail builders need to accurately cost and plan your project. This is why we prefer to work with you right from outset all the way through to the completion of your project.

With just over 7 years’ experience providing our clients with a design and build service which delivers excellent results, we believe we’re in a good position to say you should choose your main contractor before you choose a designer. The traditional kiwi method of getting three quotes on your consented plans creates more problems than it solves.


Five Benefits of Design and Build

  1. Everybody is on the same team – you, the principle, the designer and your Main Contractor are all in this together.  Input from all is required throughout the whole project.  You need your Main Contractor to give you price indications on your first concepts so you can make informed decisions about your design in relation to your budget.  Your Main Contractor needs input from the designer during construction if changes are made.
  2. Better Communication – Communication is king in construction.    It’s a continuous process of discussion and decision making.  The more up-front knowledge you and your Main Contractor have of the goals and constraints for the project, the better time and cost control you’ll have during the build.
  3. Collaboration – Engaging Renovation Works in the Design-Build process means you can tap into an established network of reliable designers and engineering consultants who collaborate with the Main Contractor throughout the project.  The relationships they have formed create ongoing professional obligations and minimises mistakes and unexpected costs.
  4. Transparency – Design-build cuts out the big ego’s common in the design industry, and takes away the sales pressure and creative pricing often used in a 3-quote situation.  Design-Build is the most effective way for the client to remain in control over the project, with our team there to empower them.
  5. Involvement – Design-Build operates under the assumption that the client actually wants to be an active participant in their project.  The traditional three quotes process fosters a disconnect between the designer, you and the builder, leaving you to make decisions on your own often with a lack of relevant information. We’ve found, keeping our clients involved and informed is inspiring and gives them a lasting sense of pride about their home and a sense of satisfaction that this truly was a result of their own effort.

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