Auckland’s Leading Recladding Specialists

Auckland’s Leading Recladding Specialists

Breathe new life into old walls with Renovation Work’s recladding services. By putting your trust in Auckland’s leading recladding specialists, you’re ensuring that your home is protected from New Zealand’s unpredictable weather…All while increasing your properties market value and taking a step towards creating your dream home.

An investment that pays off

It’s common knowledge among property experts that “curbside appeal” can increase your property value by as much as 25%. With that in mind, the opportunity to increase the market value of your home by recladding it just makes sense. Recladding gives you the opportunity to modernise your home to align with contemporary design standards, while simultaneously avoiding the stigma and apprehension in the market that older New Zealand homes can have.

Protecting your most precious asset

A well performed home reclad is an investment into the longevity of your home. When performed by highly skilled professionals, recladding ensures that your house is weather tight and protected from the array of elements that New Zealand's ever changing conditions can throw at it. Avoid the dire consequences of having a potentially leaky home and keep your property fit and healthy for decades to come.

Recladding your home opens the door to opportunity

Because the process of recladding involves stripping your home down to its framework, it offers the perfect opportunity to add value to your home for any additional renovations you may have in mind. Whether that’s building an extension, modernising the facade or any other home upgrades, recladding allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

Don’t be overwhelmed

Home renovations are tedious at best, with the potential of being laborious at worst. In the wrong hands, recladding your home is no exception. Poor decision making early in the process can have a domino effect throughout the entire project. This is why getting Renovation Works involved as early as possible is a must. We will guide you through the whole process to ensure that it runs smoothly and timely


Let us sit down and figure out exactly what you require to get the most out of our recladding experience.


We work with specialised designers, architects and weathertightness engineers to design and plan the project, set a budget and determine strict timelines.


Sit back and relax while we use our experience in project management to ensure that your renovation comes together before your eyes.
As with any building project, we know that being able to project a budget, and stick to it, is crucial to its success. Click here to view cost for Recladding or Leaky Home Repair.

What is the cost for leaky home repair?

You don’t want to leave a renovation that requires as much precision in it’s execution as home recladding in the hands of just anyone. You want to make sure that Auckland’s leading recladding specialists are taking care of your home’s future. So contact Renovation Works today to discuss your home recladding project today.
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