Firstly a bit of context.

Our building project started a year ago with Clearbuild. We had sourced pricing from four other builders and carefully checked each contract price to make sure we were comparing apples with apples. Wade’s pricing while not quite the cheapest was by far the most well thought out and put together estimate. He had cost centres clearly identified and was very up front about areas that were open to variance ( eg earthworks). This spoke volumes in terms of what we came to expect from Clearbuild and their open approach. While our situation is not a new build and we understand yours is, there is definitely a correlation between the two if you’re after a quality job.

The build was not without its challenges as you would expect in a hundred year old villa, but at all times Wade and his team were approachable and took a solutions focussed approach. The team we had assigned to our project were very easy to work with, did a quality job and were always available to answer any questions we had. They took pride in their work and showed huge determination when faced with a couple of obstacles that eventuated. The project manager and builder functioned effectively and efficiently in what was at time a difficult build. They worked in a supportive and collaborative way with us.

Wade in particular should be acknowledged for the active role he took in our project and the level of professionalism he showed throughout the build. He is an approachable person with good business sense and takes a proactive and positive approach to all he undertakes. He communicates freely, will always take your calls and responds to emails in a timely manner. His judgement is sound and he is able to make financial decisions that support the clients goals.

He was always on the lookout for better and more efficient ways to manage aspects of the build, knowing our budget was tight.

At a personal level he is a highly skilled practitioner who shows high levels of empathy when managing his staff. They respect his decisions and he shows strong leadership building capacity in his team.

As we are now approaching the final stages of this project we are looking to do it all over again. We will have no hesitation in engaging Clearbuild for the next one whether it be a rennovation or new build.

In summary, you’d be well placed to use Wade and his team if you want quality with professionalism and integrity.