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No matter the motivation, renovating a home is an opportunity. It is a chance to create a house that matches your dreams. To create a space that inspires you. A place that you look forward to returning to. It is an opportunity to turn a “house” into a “home”.

Renovation Works understands this. It is our drive behind the high quality renovation projects we’ve completed  across Auckland. For most people, the initial idea to renovate their home brings feelings of excitement and joy, but far too often these positive emotions disappear as people begin to contemplate the potential amount of work and logistics. Embarking on your renovation journey can seem overwhelming, but that’s why Renovation Works exists.

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People who consulted us

Christine Megaw

"Renovation Works went the extra mile in terms of planning, which made this project run smoothly and on time. I felt I could always ask questions and seek guidance throughout."

Milutin Kovacevic

"Reno Works has been a great company to work with. Thanks for all the hard work Roy and team."

Luke Tizard

"Awesome people, hardworking, honest and reliable, nothing is ever too hard and the ideas are brilliant."

Navigate Your Renovation Journey with the Renovation Works Team

It is never too early to get in touch to discuss with us the best way to tackle your project. Whether it’s part of your five year plan or you’re ready to get started right off the bat, involving Renovation Works as early as possible is a sure fire way to ensure a successful and pain-free project. So get in contact with Renovation Works today to organise a free, no-obligations, consultation.

Renovation Works have mastered the art of understanding your dream space, and working with you to create exactly that – Your perfect home.

Let us handle all the hassle

so you can hold onto that feeling of excitement and joy from the beginning of your renovation journey, all the way to the end.

This service and care for renovation projects is what has garnered Renovation Works stellar reputation over the past 25 years. Our decades of experience allow us to run projects smoothly, with 100s of successful renovations under our belt. We’ve fostered this reputation by taking control of the three anchor points of any building project – scope, budget and time, and making sure we deliver on each one of them. This allows you to sit back and relax, while still being key decision makers, so that you can enjoy your renovation journey.

Team up with your multi-award winning builder

Renovation Works holds its project management and workmanship to the highest standards. We believe in accountability, and by extension of this, would expect nothing but the same from the contractors we work with. This is why teaming up with Renovation Works means you’re teaming up with the best the industry has to offer. From the architects and designers, to builders and concrete layers, our network of contractors are highly experienced and well vetted. Our quality workmanship is a reflection of theirs, and this all culminates in being assured that your renovation project is in the best possible hands.

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