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25 plus years experience in building and project management.

Having constructed hundreds of new homes and over 280+ renovations, Wade is well qualified to handle the challenges of the most complex renovations or uniquely designed new homes. In 2010, Wade made the decision to focus exclusively on renovating existing homes and became a foundation member of the Smith and Sons Renovations franchise group. Early in 2016 a re-brand to Renovation Works was launched.

There is good reason to focus on the singular discipline of renovating. Firstly, there have been tremendous changes in the industry over the last five years. Building at any level has become almost painfully regulated, heavy on administration and record keeping, and demanding in ongoing training. The weight of compliance continues to increase and focussed management is essential.


Another rapid development is an increase in the size of renovation projects home owners are making – now three to four times larger than five years ago. As property values continue to grow more homeowners are choosing to develop their own homes rather than sell and relocate. This often includes a total remodel of the old home along with an extension or rebuild of some kind. The assurance of using a long standing and professional company are what homeowners need for large renovation projects.


One thing is clear, a major renovation is no longer a simple process where the builder takes over and the client can sit back and watch it all unfold. Each project is unique and has its own set of complexities. Renovating demands professionalism, careful management, skilled and responsible builders, and involvement from the homeowner.


Wade says, “Providing skilled project management and quality workmanship for unique and complex build projects is my goal. My focus is on controlling the three anchor points of any project – scope, budget and time – and involving our clients as decision makers is a key part of this.”


It goes without saying that Renovation Works are licensed builders and offer a 10 year guarantee on all their work. Read through this website to get an idea of their performance standards and value drivers.


“Ideally, we would love to meet you to discuss your ideas and give you an opportunity to ask all the questions you need to be satisfied you’ve chosen the right team for your project.”

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