House Recladding Auckland

Many Auckland homes built during the 90’s up to 2004 suffer from the ‘leaky house’ label. If you find yourself owning one of these homes the option of recladding can literally build the value back into your home making it a marketable and desirable asset once again.


There’s no question that recladding your home is a demanding undertaking, as are many major renovations. However, the end result must always be kept in sight. The truth is re-cladding provides a fantastic opportunity to create a complete new look and the opportunity to modernise, upgrade, extend or alter, as well as addressing any and all issues relating to weather tightness. The biggest win is restoring your home to its true value in the Auckland market. And knowing your home is saleable is worth the effort of recladding.


The process for recladding a house is largely the same as any major renovation. Council rules must be observed and building code standards must be met. Auckland council takes re-clad work very seriously so there are a few extra steps to completing the project successfully.


The early stage of a re-clad can be nerve-racking as it uncovers the unknown. The removal of the existing cladding, wrap, insulation and joinery reveal the extent of structural repairs needed. Remediation work is identified and instructed by a consulting weather tightness engineer. Work during this stage can be frustratingly slow for both the owner and main contractor. Building can only continue when the remediation work has passed multiple inspections by both the supervising engineer and the council inspector.


The other worry home owners’ face during the remedial stage are unknown costs. Most of the cost of a re-clad can all be quantified – removing cladding and joinery and the cost of recladding are measurable items. However, the amount of remedial work remains unknown until cladding is removed and the extent of water damage can be seen. We can take steps toward managing this unknown cost by making an allowance for it based on evidence of water damage showing on the exterior or interior walls.


You’re entitled to have a party once you get past the remedial stage and the new cladding starts going up! The hard part is over and we’re back on track to push ahead and get the project finished.

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