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Cost is one of the three corner stones of any renovation project

cost of change

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Cost is one of the three corner stones of any renovation project and should be considered carefully from the outset. Your project will be priced by us three times before you get to sign a Construction Agreement. This is because the planning stage is where you should be making your scope decisions, and to make the right decisions you need to be informed on cost.

In our first meeting with you, the free consultation, we’ll be discussing budget and can provide a “ball park” estimate of what your project may cost based on other projects we’ve completed which have similar features. Of course, every renovation is unique, but by talking through your ideas you’ll at least get a feel for where the numbers could be sitting.

Once you have engaged with our designer in the design-build process, we will price your drawings at three pivotal points – concept drawings, completed working drawings, and when your drawings are in council. This will give you the opportunity to make changes while it is relatively cost effective to do so – the further you go into a project the higher the cost of change becomes.

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Pricing on Concept Drawings

The figure we give you here is only an estimate on potential costs for the purpose of gauging how your ideas fit your proposed budget constraints. Concept drawings do not provide enough detailed information for a quote. We’ve based the estimate on measurements taken from the concept plans, our previous experience in projects with similar features, our knowledge of the building code, materials and contractor costs.

At concept design stage we’re working with the big picture for both layout and structure. A small change in layout can have a big impact on the structural design and therefore the cost of the project. The information we give you at this stage will equip you to make decisions around changes to your design, allowing you to make significant changes inexpensively.

Pricing on Working Drawings

Before your completed plans are submitted to council for consent, we’ll put together a second estimate. We’ll still be making some assumptions around finishing products and selections, but will have the construction detail we need to provide you with a higher certainty of cost.

The purpose of this price is for you to confirm the project continues to fit your budget and give you a final opportunity to make changes to the layout, or structure or any other features that involve consent from council.

Final Cost Proposal

When your plans have been submitted to council, we will then engage our contractors and suppliers for quotes and present you with the final cost proposal, a recommended contingency which reflects the potential complexities of your project, and the construction agreement.

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