Location, Location, Location.

“It’s lovely spot”

Sometimes, a simple observation like that is enough to motivate a renovation. Sometimes, recognising that one of your home’s most astounding features is its location and your best course of action to improve your lifestyle is renovating the existing house, rather than finding a new one. This was the exact case with this home on Ridge Road in Paremoremo.


The homeowners had lived here for over 20 years, and over that time, the tranquility, tui song, and views over the sun soaked valley of bush had become a treasured part of their lives.

While the location was truly timeless, the years had taken a toll on their home. An upcoming family visit over Christmas was the final nudge into renovating their home to not only modernise it, but also add some much needed space.

So we went bigger. With Christmas just around the corner, the renovation deadline was set in stone. The owners were laser focused on making well considered decisions under our guidance and sticking with them. They made all the necessary renovating sacrifices, such as enduring temporary bathroom arrangements and builders turning up early in the morning. They played musical rooms as construction progressed at both ends of their home and eventually through the middle. However, these temporary inconveniences paid off as the week before Christmas Eve, their rejuvenated home was ready for their family to stay.

More space, beautiful outdoor flow to expansive deck areas and a stunning new interior – all the ingredients for a fantastic Christmas gathering. An impressed family that came to stay over the summer was just the icing on the cake!

Getting Started