Home Design and Build

You’re ready to take the first step. What was once just a passing thought has evolved into an idea. You’re ready to make it tangible, to begin to breathe life into that idea. You’re ready to begin to make it a reality.

One of the most important factors in setting your project up for success is choosing the right designer. A designer who can draw up plans that not only capture your ideas perfectly, but also can produce plans that play a major role in maintaining costs and time control during construction.

While poor drawings may get through council, a lack of detail will mean that builders can’t accurately cost and plan your project. This can lead to major roadblocks for your project, from under budgeting to delaying and pushing out your completion date.

This creates stress and inefficiencies that could really have been avoided. This is why Renovation Works prefers to work with you right from the outset of your project all the way through to its completion.

It’s been over 8 years since Renovation Works decided to launch its home design and build services, and since then our experience has driven our clients’ projects to overwhelmingly successful results.

Because we specialise in the entire renovation process from start to finish, we are in the perfect position to say that you should choose your main contractor before you choose a designer. The traditional kiwi way of getting three quotes on your consented plans creates more problems than it solves.

Five Benefits of Design & Build


Everybody is on the same team 

You (the principal), the designer, and the team of professionals such as engineers or specialised consultants and your Main Contractor are all in this together. This allows perfect cohesion through the entire project, as they are all accountable to each other and inform design and build decisions to promote efficiency.

You need your Main Contractor to give you price indications on your first concepts so that you are able to make informed decisions about design decisions based on your budget. Furthermore, your main Contractor needs input from the designer and specialist consultants during construction if changes are made.


Better Communication

When it comes to construction, communication is king. It is a continuous process of discussion and decision making. The more upfront knowledge you and your Main Contractor have of the goals and constraints of the project, the better time and cost control you’ll have during your home design and build.



By engaging with Renovation Works in the home design and build process, you are gaining access to our well vetted, experienced network of reliable designers and engineering consultants who will be collaborating with the Main Contractor throughout the whole process.

These professionals are well established and have experience working with each other, which drives efficiency, have ongoing professional obligations, and ultimately minimises mistakes and unexpected costs.



Design-Build cuts out those big egos that are renowned throughout the design industry, while simultaneously taking away the sales pressure and creative pricing often used in a three quote situation. By choosing our Design-Build service, you’ll remain in control over the project with our team in tow to empower you.



Design-Build operates under the assumption that you actually want to be an active participant in the project. The traditional “three quote” process fosters a disconnect between the designer, the builder and you. This often leaves you to make decisions with a lack of relevant information. We have found that keeping our clients involved and informed inspires them. It gives them a lasting sense of pride about their home and a sense of satisfaction that this truly was a result of their own effort.

If a renovation is on the cards for the future, whether you want to get started in a month or a year, a free, no obligations consultation is the first step in the right direction.