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It may seem unusual for a company that specialises in renovations to have a “New Homes” service, but when you’ve been in the game for several decades, it makes perfect sense.

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In the renovation space, sometimes the best course of action is to remove the old home and start from the beginning. Our years of experience working on all the nuances, the individual wants and needs of our clients, across 100s of successful renovation projects has sharpened our eye for detail in a manner that would be hard to find anywhere else. There are certain intricate details and quality of life improvements that are often only brought to homes once they have been renovated.

So we asked ourselves the question, why not take our unique skill sets for high quality renovations and project management and provide clients with a service to build brand new homes? Homes that suit their needs and exceed all their expectations from the start?

So we created Clearbuild. Specialising in awe-inspiring luxury homes, Clearbuild takes all the qualities that have earned Renovation Work’s our stellar reputation and elevates them to the next level. Our attention to detail and tight project management is extended to look after every inch of your new home. Our network of designers, architects and contractors work in perfect harmony to not only build your dream home, but to do so in a manner that is smooth, efficient and stress-free for you.

Clearbuild welcomes complex and ambitious designs – in fact we live for such projects. One of our strengths is problem solving, as we work with you from the start to conceptualise, design and build a home that compliments your lifestyle perfectly. We are present through the entire process, from start to finish, to ensure that the end outcome truly is a home that inspires you.

Look forward to turning your key and stepping through your front door. Let the highlight of every day be when you return to your home. Build your dream home with Clearbuild.

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People who consulted us

Christine Megaw

"Renovation Works went the extra mile in terms of planning, which made this project run smoothly and on time. I felt I could always ask questions and seek guidance throughout."

Milutin Kovacevic

"Reno Works has been a great company to work with. Thanks for all the hard work Roy and team."

Luke Tizard

"Awesome people, hardworking, honest and reliable, nothing is ever too hard and the ideas are brilliant."

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