Interior view of the joists and supports up for walls in house remodel. Table and construction tools also feature.

House Remodelling Contractor

Choosing a top Auckland house remodelling contractor is vital because your home is your most precious asset. It’s so much more than just four walls and a roof. It is more than its location. While all those factors are important, it isn’t what makes a house YOUR home. Part of creating a home that feels truly like yours is in the time spent in it, the memories made. There are parts of it that you can’t put a price on, some of the greatest value is in sentiment.


If your home is in the perfect location to serve your lifestyle, the hassle of relocating can be a difficult task from both a logistics and emotional standpoint. Remodelling your home isn’t just an opportunity to refresh your living space, it is also a chance to save the sentimental value of your home.

Remodelling allows you to create more space, modernise your home and increase the value of your property. All this while saving you the trouble of not watching the housing market for the perfect time to buy and sell, spending your weekends at open houses and auctions, as well as ultimately not having to uproot your entire life and transport it somewhere new.

Remodelling Contractor Costs

The average price to remodel a house varies greatly from project to project. The nature of a house remodelling contractor will vary the price, and complexity and features of the remodel will be the final dictator of the overall cost per m2. The average cost to gut and remodel a whole house is going to be different to just a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

What are the benefits or remodelling your house?

We all spend plenty of time in our house. This time allows us to really reflect and figure out exactly what we could do to improve it. All those little annoyances or frustrations that take time to discover. This means that we already have a rough blueprint of what we would want to change, the type of observations that wouldn’t be apparent when buying a new home. Whether big or subtle, a home remodel allows you to create your perfect home because you already know every corner of it.

Many houses built in earlier (in the past decades) lack the modern design sensibilities many of us have become accustomed to. Issues with layout such as a lack of open space living, or kitchens being placed far from entertaining areas, are common in many kiwi homes. A home remodel allows you to address these issues. Not only does this ultimately make your life easier, if the time ever comes to sell your house remodelling costs can easily be recouped by the increase in your property value.

Why is it important to partner with a good contractor for your home remodel?

Remodelling your home is disruptive. There’s no way around it. Therefore it is in your interest to keep disruption to the bare minimum. Partnering with a company that is highly experienced and has a proven track record in successful house remodelling projects means that the project can be managed efficiently. Renovation has over 25 years experience in the construction and building industry. Our project management expertise allows us to deliver your project to the timelines we promise, and the budget we’ve agreed upon.

Home Remodelling Auckland

With Renovation Works, you’re tapping into our vast knowledge in the renovation sector that covers the entire spectrum of a home remodel project. From design and planning, to project management and construction, we provide the very best personnel for every step of your home remodel. This means that you can have peace-of-mind that your home is in great hands, and can sit back and relax as you watch the pieces of your perfect home fall into place.

So if you’re ready to breathe new life into your home with a house remodel, get in contact with the team at Renovation Works for a free assessment today!