New Home Builds Auckland

It may seem unusual to have New Homes as a service provided by a specialist renovators, but sometimes it just makes more sense to remove the old home and start over. Tap into our expertise in design and build of complex renovations to achieve a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle.


If you’re working with your own architect or with one of our designers, we are happy to price up your new build plans at concept and on working drawings. You’ll receive the same detailed price breakdown, clear explanation and open approach we offer to all our clients. Our experienced project manager and construction team will deliver a flawless finish and a home you can be proud of.


Our strengths in problem solving and professional project management are exactly the skills needed for architectural or ambitious home designs. We can work with your architect during construction or you can work directly with our project manager. Whichever way you decide, using a skilled team for your new home construction means you’ll benefit from time efficiency and effectively control labour costs – the biggest cost in construction.


Your design may be complex or ambitious. Perhaps you have a particularly steep site, are piling into unstable ground, have split level floors in your design, unusual angles or a complicated roof line, or perhaps a structure that involves steel framing or cantilever. You can be confident that any challenge your design offers we work with regularly and execute effectively.
Ambitious plans demand a skilled team. Make a point of meeting with us to discuss your new home plans and be confident your build will go smoothly with our team on the job.

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