House Extension Cost per m2

Sometimes, you just need some more space. Whether that’s because you have an expanding family, a desire to create a bigger entertainment space, or even carve out the possibility to split your home up and take advantage of the rental market, a home extension may be on the cards for you.

But why should you consider a home extension over just buying a larger home? It may be the simple fact that you have a great location, or a home with great bones that has hidden potential. A home extension lets you avoid the pain of uprooting and moving and keeping your beloved home. It is also an opportunity to design your home to your exact specifications

The cost of a home extension can vary, but usually is in the range of $90,000 to $200,000 depending on a few factors. These factors include the type of extension and any complexities surrounding the project.

Home extensions usually fall in one of four categories:

Single Storey Extension

An extension at ground level and generally the least costly option. This may be a rear house extension or a front house extension.

Second-Storey Extension

An extension upwards to create another level to a home. 

Basement Conversion

Creating a space beneath the home, a great option for if there isn’t enough space on a property for an external extension. It should be noted that the civil works required for this can be costly. 

Garage Conversion

This could be considered an “internal extension” as it takes a part of the home that is considered non-habitable, and makes it habitable. This may require adding insulation, additional damp proofing and other measures to make the space compliant with regulations. 

Additional Building Extension Costs

There are a few variables that you need to be made aware of for your home extension when planning your budget. The additions of rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens will incur more cost, as the requirements of the rooms (such as plumbing, ventilation and electrical) means they are more complex, require more labour, and potentially require additional building and council consents.

While we understand that people would like to estimate their budget for their home extension based on the cost per m2, there are far too many nuances in the range of possibilities to do so. This is what makes it so important to partner with a renovation expert that has a wealth of experience under its belt when initially planning the project. This experience will allow you to gain a clear picture about how renovations pan out not only in relation to size, but rather complexity and features. With more bespoke extensions, architectural costs are a factor. In addition to this, accessibility to the site, and any civil or foundation work play a major role in the final estimate (this is particularly relevant for any basement conversions).

It is also highly recommended to incorporate a contingency plan into your budget. Renovation Works have a stellar record at keeping projects to time and budget, but even the most well planned projects can encounter unforeseen obstacles. A rule of thumb is to have 15% of your overall budget set aside in preparation for any issues that may arise.

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