Return to glory

White home with a grey roof, white windows and deck. Below the house, there is a grey garage

Renovation is an understatement for the transformation that’s occurred here, given the parlous state the grand old villa was in. It wasn’t so much tired, as on life support. You’d never know it now, such is the craftsmanship of the building team. The four-bedroom, two bathroom home possesses all of its former glory, and some. It has also been fitted out with contemporary conveniences, including a lift to future-proof the house for the owners. As with all renovations, especially heritage projects, the skill lies in melding the old with the new. The 187sqm villa is like a how-to manual in getting it right. All the special character features – verandah with stained-glass window, skirting boards and internal doors – have been retained and enhanced, while the bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining spaces have been given ultra-modern treatment. The transition from the character part of the house through to the new open-plan living space is handled deftly via the original hallway arch – a feature that’s been retained and celebrated. This was a big job; the project team had to dig out the basement, replace the roof and build a new living area, lift and bathroom. It’s a remarkable achievement.

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February 13, 2023

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