North Shore House Remodelling

Many houses in Auckland were built without any apparent consideration given to maximising the best use of the property both inside and out. Kitchens are separated from living areas, living areas are at the front with no access to the outdoors, and power points and data allowances are inadequate for a modern lifestyle. Maybe there’s a large but unused basement that could become an additional bedroom or living room.


Remodelling the interior of you home not only unlocks the use of lost features, it provides an opportunity to upgrade the electrical and data cabling as well as installing double glazed windows, insulation and heating for a healthier and happier home.


There’s also the potential to add market value to your home. With some cleaver thinking an ensuite could be added to the main bedroom, a more social open plan can be made to the living area with openings added to include easy flow to the outdoors or a new internal configuration can be developed to make the best use of sunlight and other features of the land.


Most home owners remodel their homes for lifestyle improvement with a long term view so overcapitalising is not too much of a concern. However, improving value or return on investment should be considered. In the current Auckland housing market it’s hard to imagine overcapitalising but some renovation activities add more value than others. Adding a bedroom or another bathroom within the existing footprint will give you a much higher return than insulating the house or installing double glazed windows. The standard of housing in your area is another consideration. If you are concerned about overcapitalising, it would be wise to ask a valuer to make an assessment of your proposed remodel.


The team at Renovation Works has helped many people transform old, cold 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s homes into warm and modern living spaces for their families. We provide you with the information and advice you need to achieve the result you’re after.

Call Renovation Works to arrange a no obligation and totally free consultation on your renovation ideas.

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one of the most rewarding rooms in the house to renovate. In just a few weeks, you can lift the standard of your whole house just by creating a modern bathroom. Not only does a new bathroom look great they also are dryer, cleaner and can be designed to make better use of space.


Selecting the finishing products for your bathroom is fun and very rewarding when it all comes together. Putting it together is where the challenge lies. With no less than seven trades to manage – on a short time frame and in the right order – the task quickly becomes overwhelming. Involving a project manager from Renovation Works leaves you free to indulge in one huge shopping spree.

Kitchen Remodel

Replacing your old kitchen cabinetry and benchtops can be easily handled by any kitchen company. We’ve found that a kitchen upgrade has a domino effect and very soon walls are removed, spaces opened, bi-fold doors added, decks extended and a whole new living-kitchen-dining layout is created.


If your kitchen design has outgrown the scope of your local kitchen specialist and you need some planning and building input, call the team at Renovation Works for tips and advice on how best to proceed.